Pink Himalayan Salt Soap

Pink Himalayan Salt Soap

$9.00 USD

Sea salts have many benefits for the skin. Not only do they draw toxins out of the body and reduce inflammation, but they also contain many skin  nourishing minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and  iodine.
I love it inside cold process for its exfoliating and moisturizing abilities. Plus salt bars have a very creamy lather. 

Fʀᴀɢʀᴀɴᴄᴇ:  Bold  florals and touch of spice and wood work together to create this  beautiful fragrance. Opening notes of dogwood flowers, petitgrain and  bright ginger pair well with a heart of fresh basil, lime and pepper. A rich base of sandalwood and white musk add a perfect base to round off this  scent.  

Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ : Approx 5 oz (142 g) Please note that our Artisan Cold process Soaps are hand cut so actual weight may vary slightly.

Tᴏ Usᴇ : Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. Keep out of direct flow from water. By creating an ideal environment, your soaps will last far longer!

Iɴɢʀᴇᴅɪᴇɴᴛs : Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Water (Aqua), Organic Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Olive (Olea Europaea) Oil, *Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) Oil, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide),Fragrance Oil, Castor (Ricinus Communis) Seed Oil, Shea Butter (Vitellaria Paradoxa),  Titanium Dioxide, Mica

*Substantially sourced

Price includes shipping and handling of this product; if ordering multiple quantities of this product, please contact us for a discount.  
Made by Chase n Lilly's, North Carolina