About US

Our organization, Immersion Connection, is a multi-department organization that focuses on aspects of community and economic development.  Our mission is ultimately to create connection worldwide for the betterment of communities and individuals across the globe.  Specifically, we have four departments:
Enhance Communities (services and magazines)

Community. The world has traveled through time forming various definitions and expectations of what makes a community. Sometimes, it's formed by location or characteristic, while other times it's based on interest, attitude, or goals. No matter how a community forms, the effect it has on individuals worldwide is everlasting and life-changing. Enhance Magazine is the center of our Enhance Department. It is our chance to speak directly to an ever-growing audience. However, we also offer many other services, such as options to showcase your own community on a regular basis with our community magazine, have economic presentations designed and developed to entice potential organizations to your community, and city guides to help visitors and newcomers understand and learn about your community. 

Elevate Livelihoods (products)

Within the Elevate collection, Immersion Connection features items discovered in the communities we’ve partnered with, items that we love so much we need to share them with everyone. We want to bring you things that are familiar but enhanced by a region’s culture, things that are unexpected and capture the spirit of Immersion Connection. Get a taste of that traditional hometown flavor like a local—but from anywhere!

Empower Others (charitable assistance)

The Empower Department highlights two very important concepts at Immersion Connection: supporting community charities, and connecting you to people and places all over the world in a personal way. Each month, Immersion Connection will donate 1% of it’s online sales to an organization that strives to create change in their local community. 

Express Yourself (blog and products)

The Express Department focuses on helping to create a better understanding of yourself and  what you  have to offer others.  It is about finding and knowing yourself, while readying about all of our crazy adventures.